Grantsville, UT

Does your dog or cat keep peeing in the same spot in your home? Then maybe it’s time for you to call Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair! We offer all the carpet repair services you need in the Grantsville, Utah area. Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair provides such services as carpet repair, patching, stretching, and pad replacement. So, whether your beloved animal has put holes in the carpet or has soaked the carpet padding below we can fix it. By pulling up the spot, replacing the pad underneath, and then doing a patch job. Our goal is to make it look like nothing happened.

Many time people wonder where we get the patch to do exact color matching. For the best results, we like to use a leftover piece from when your current carpet was first installed. However, when that is not available we can take from another area in the house where the carpet isn’t seen such as a closet. Another option is to stretch the area of carpet and collect the addition strips that can be used. This option only works for small patch jobs though. Take a look at the patch job below to see the before and after.

Regardless of the work we do we always leave you with a written 5-year warranty agreement. The pricing for each job can vary. Our online pricing page is composed of broad price ranges because of the different elements that must be considered before we start working. Such elements would consist of the job that needs to be done, the size of the repair, what kind of carpet you have, and if we need any remnant pieces to perform the job. Thus, to get a more accurate estimate give us a call today! You can also email us or we can do an in-home estimate.

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