Ogden, UT

Time brings about wear and tear to most things but specially to carpet. Whether it is a wrinkles, fraying seams, permanent stains or pet damage Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair specializes in all your carpet repair needs here in Ogden, Utah. At Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair, our services come with a 5-year warranty to back up the work that we do. The pricing for each job will vary from job to job. There are many factor that contribute to the pricing of carpet repair such as what type of yarn, the size of repair it is and the remnant pieces that are available. With so many factors being involved we can’t give you an exact pricing online, call us today though for an estimate over the phone or email us. We also do in-home estimates.

A couple of concerns that people have before we do a job is whether they need to move their furniture. There are many contributing factor to the answer such as, the type of subfloor, the layout of your home, and how heavy the furniture is. Typically though, it shouldn't be a problem. If we are stretching your carpet there is no need to move it if we have at least 4 feet from the wall we are stretching it to, being that it is a wood subfloor underneath. Generally, the furniture will move with the carpet. We don’t charge extra to move your furniture if that is needed for us to complete the job though.

Below you will see a picture of a stretching job that our technicians did. The carpet had started to develop wrinkles over time because of poor installation. Using the most advanced technology we are able to do the job right so that the wrinkles don’t come back.

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