Carpet Stretching

Carpet wrinkles most commonly form due to poor or rushed installation. Days or even years after an installation, wrinkles can start to appear in doorways, stairs, and even in the middle of a room. Carpet ripples are unsightly, make cleaning a challenge, and can be a danger if they form in high foot traffic areas. The technicians at Nip & Tuck consistently use the correct tools, the proper way to guarantee a long-lasting stretch. Which tools should be used to properly remove carpet wrinkles?

Knee kickers have commonly been used by carpet installers and repairmen since the 1950’s. These tools can quickly stretch carpet, but they don’t provide long lasting results especially in areas with high foot traffic. When carpet experiences humidity and temperature changes, the carpet will expand and contract. If a knee kicker was used for stretching, these fluctuations can cause ripples to form. It only provides as much tightness as hand-tightening a nut. How do you get a stretch similar to tightening a nut with a wrench? This is accomplished by using power stretchers. Our professionals at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair are trained to use power stretchers whenever the area allows.

The technician will use either a pipe power stretcher or a double spiked power stretcher depending on factors such as room layout, furniture location, and subfloor. Using power stretchers does take more time, knowledge, and expertise, but Nip & Tuck is proud to provide only the best, enduring repairs for our customers. We even have the confidence to leave each home owner with a 5 Year Warranty in writing upon completion of the job.

Our office team can provide you with an over-the-phone quote after collecting some additional information. Please call us at (801) 983-5909. You can expect to be asked about room sizes, whether the subfloor is concrete or wood, and how many heavy furniture pieces are near the wrinkles areas. To ensure that none of your valuables become damaged we please ask that you move breakables, lamps, electronics, etc. to a secure area before the technician arrives.

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