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That stain you have been looking at for the last 5 years doesn’t have to be there anymore. Here in Provo, Utah Nip Tuck & Carpet Repair takes care of all carpet repair needs. Where most carpet companies do repair on the side, it is our specialty. Whether it be a permanent stain, carpet patching, stretching or pad replacement we can help. We do exact carpet matching for any carpet job to ensure the best results possible. Any service that we do comes with a written 5-year warranty. We don’t just do the work but we stand by the work that we do. We give customer satisfaction as a guarantee.

Our online pricing is an approximate price range for different sized areas. There are different variables can that determine the pricing estimate that we give. Such variables would be the type of job we are doing, the size of the repair, the type of carpet you have (berber, frieze, plush, etc.) and if needed, the amount of remnant pieces that are available. Being that there are so many variables that contribute to the pricing it’s hard to give exact estimates online. To get a more exact estimate give us a call today or email us! We also do in-home estimates.

Above you see a permanent stain that covered a large area of carpet. Many think that their carpet is beyond hope when they have stains such as the above but as you can see the results were amazing. Before you go to thinking your carpet is ruined and you need to get new carpet, call Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair. The work that we do will save you both time and money! Many carpet mishaps are easily fix able with the right tools and a good certified technician. So don’t hesitate and get a quote today!

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