Commercial Carpet Repair

Business owners know that personal homes are not the only settings where carpet repair is needed. Heavier foot traffic means more tear, wear, and damage to carpet in commercial settings. Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair has experience repairing carpet in hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Our professional technicians have the needed skill and expertise to mend carpet in these settings. We can complete these repairs during slower hours, before opening, or after closing hours. What kind of repairs are commonly needed in business settings?

Each week, hotels and restaurants host multitudes of guests. Most of these businesses have their own manager or crew for maintaining the upkeep of these facilities. Since long-term carpet repair work is such aspecialized skill, Nip & Tuck have assisted many of these businesses with carpet problems; such as, transition work, patching, damaged or stained carpet, and stretching hallway or entryway wrinkles. In hotels, patches are often needed and can be accomplished by using leftover matching carpet. If extra carpet is not available, pieces can be taken from unseen areas such as underneath a table or bed.

Carpeted areas are found in many commercial office buildings. The carpet typically used in these settings are installed using glue. When glue-down carpet is installed poorly, it can eventually form wrinkles. Precision and skill is required to cut open and then properly mend glue-down wrinkles, but you can be rest assured that our professional technicians are capable of permanently smoothing the areas.

If you own or manage a business and would like to know if Nip & Tuck can assist you with your carpet needs, please call our office team at (801) 983-5909. Don’t make the expensive and time consisting mistake of replacing your carpet before it is really needed. Most of our commercial work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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