Pad Replacement

When does carpet padding need replaced? Leaky pipes, flooding, or pets acting out are a few culprits behind needing a new pad. The experts at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair can replace sections, or an entire room of padding and then properly reinstall the carpet over top.

When an unexpected flood hits the neighborhood or a pipe suddenly bursts, carpet and padding can seep up the excess water. If the padding is left wet for an extended period of time, it can become susceptible to mold and mildew, and cause risky living conditions. Damaged or compromised padding and tackstrip can skillfully be replaced by the technicians at Nip & Tuck. We can even replace an entire room with new padding upon request and we will always properly stretch the carpet back overtop using the appropriate power stretcher.

Dogs or cats may have an episode where they claw and chew their way through carpet and reach the padding. When this padding becomes damaged our team can repair or replace the padding and patch the area of carpet overtop. Perhaps your pet has made a habit of urinating in a corner of the living room, soaking the carpet and padding, and leaving your home with an unpleasant odor and an unsanitary environment. The technician will replace the affected padding. If they find that the subfloor below has been compromised with urine, they have the expertise to apply a sealant and install new pad overtop once the sealant has dried.

Would you like to know more about replacing an area of padding in your home? Our office team will gladly answer any of your questions and provide an over-the-phone quote at (801) 983-5909. You can expect them to request details such as which kind of subfloor the padding is installed on, and how big of an area needs replaced.

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