Should You Replace Your Carpet

Today more and more families are deciding to get rid of their carpet and replace it with something more natural such as wood. Here at Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair we have seen it all. The worst wrinkles to the worst stains. No matter what the condition of your carpet though there are few times where it has reached its life expectancy. We want to help make sure the decision to replace your carpet to be for the right ones. This article will help you to make the best decision for you and your family.

When carpet wrinkles or you can’t get a stain out you automatically assume that you have to get your carpet replaced. Or at least it seems like a good excuse for an upgrade of the sorts. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to upgrade the type of flooring in your home though. If you’re on a tight budget though then an upgrade to your carpet or flooring isn’t a viable solution. That is where we come in. Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair can make sure your carpet is beautifully wrinkle free with no stains. Afterwards you can leave the rest up to a professional carpet cleaner to finish up the job and make it look new again.

There are other reasons to upgrade your flooring though. More and more people are getting affected by allergies. They are so affected by the scents and smell, hair and dandruff that it can be hard for them to even get out of the house. For such people it makes sense to have either wood or tile in their home because of the hypoallergenic aspect. Carpet tends to trap such scents and smell. More than that, carpet keeps all the cat and dog hair trapped in between the carpet and pad. This becomes nearly impossible to remove without removing the carpet and padding.

There are a lot of factors to consider. Among them is price, type of flooring, and the reasons why. Save a couple of dollars where you can and call us today. We can fix your carpet at a fraction of the cost. Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair can preform carpet patches, carpet repairs, and carpet stretching to ensure that your carpet looks like the day it was installed. Call us for a free estimate and get scheduled today!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 12-12-2018