Dirty Carpet and Your Health

Dirty Carpet and Your Health

Your home is your safe haven. A place you can come to at the end of the day and feel comfortable. If not maintained properly, however, there are elements in your home that can have a negative effect on your family’s health, such as your carpet. What are some of the harmful things that can be hiding in your carpets? Keep reading to find out.

Dust Mites

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the presence of dust mites. Which makes sense since these pests are microscopic in nature. Dust mites love to hide in the dense, warm piles of your carpet. The problem they ultimately pose is that dust mites produce droppings and other detritus. As you live and move about your home, those droppings can get disturbed and increase the risk of you ingesting them. This is bad news especially for those with respiratory issues.


Another thing that breeds easily in carpet is mold. Tracking in dirt and mud is one thing, but during the Utah winters, you also run the risk of tracking in snow and ice. If not dried as soon as possible, moisture can sink deep into your carpet fibers. Setting up the perfect environment for mold. Not only does mold give off a musty scent, but it can also wreak havoc on our bodies when breathed in.

Other Pollutants

In addition to mold and dust mites, your carpet could be housing a whole suite of other pollutants. Over time, human detritus, pet dander, dust, food residue, and more can build up and settle into your carpets. Regularly vacuuming your carpeted areas can go far in controlling the negative allergens and pollutants that can build up. But having your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year will give them the extra dose of cleaning they need.

There are times when your carpet may need more than a cleaning, though. Such as when you notice that it is starting to buckle in places or when a stain just won’t come out no matter what you try. In that case, you need Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair. We can mend your carpet no matter what it’s facing. Give us a call for a free estimate!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 8-4-2021