How to Care for Carpet During Winter

How to Care for Carpet During Winter

Utah experiences a fair bit of snow during the Winter months. And when things are a bit chilly out, having carpet in your home can prove to be quite cozy and warm. But keeping your carpets clean and well maintained during the colder months can prove particularly challenging. If you are looking for some tips on guarding against stains and damage due to snow and mud, Nip Tuck Carpet Repair is here to help.

Your biggest and best line of defense against winter carpet damage is to take preventative steps. Afterall, stopping a problem from happening in the first place is much easier than dealing with the problem after the fact. The biggest problems that you want to avoid during Winter are things like ice, snow, and mud. All things that are tracked in from outside. To stop these culprits in their tracks, you can place mats outside your door as well as right when you walk in. It is also a good idea to set up a shoe rack or a boot tray by the front door and remove your shoes there.

Staying on top of regular cleaning will also go a long way in preventing dirt and stain build up. During the colder months, we tend to spend more time indoors anyway, but especially so this year. And while taking steps to prevent gunk from making its way to the carpeted areas is a great first step, you cannot prevent everything. If you have pets, they will certainly bring a little outside in and kids and adults alike are bound to have accidents from time to time. To fight these inevitable variables, be sure to stay on top of your regular vacuuming routine. In addition, it is best not to put off thoroughly cleaning spills until later. The longer a spill can sit on your carpet, the harder it is to clean.

With just a little forethought and a little extra care, your carpet can stand up against anything that Winter has to offer. Sometimes, though, stubborn stains and buckling happen even if you have tried your best. If you ever find that this is the case for you, give Nip Tuck Carpet Repair a call. Whatever problems your carpet is facing, we can fix them!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 2-15-2021