How to Keep White Carpet Clean

How to Keep White Carpet Clean

When you walk into most homes you are quite likely to find carpet as part of the main flooring. White carpet is an especially popular choice due to its neutral character. And while white carpet is the perfect blank canvas for your home, there is one thing many struggle with. That is, how on earth do you keep white carpet clean? At Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair, we have seen our fair share of white carpet in dire conditions, so we have a few suggestions on how you can keep your white carpet as bright as the day you got it.


Your first line of defense? Doormats. A good habit to instill is to wipe your shoes off before entering your home. This will cut down on the amount of dirt being brought in that could eventually find its way to your carpet. In the same vein, if you happen to have a furry family member, try to also make a habit of wiping down their paws before they come back inside. Wet muddy pawprints on your fresh white carpet? No one wants that!

Shoe-Free Zone

Speaking of wiping your shoes at the door, why not consider leaving them at the door? Just as you would not want dirty doggo prints on your carpet, you probably also do not want dingy shoe prints on it either. A simple solution is to check your shoes at the door. If you truly enjoy wearing shoes indoors, perhaps consider having a dedicated pair for indoor use.

Speedy Spill Cleanup

We often enjoy carpet because of the plush, soft feeling it has when walked on. The reason it is so soft is because of all of its carpet fibers. Those carpet fibers are excellent at holding onto moisture and therefore stains. If you notice a stain, try not to allow it time to seep down into your carpet. The faster you tidy up a spill, the less likely it will become a permanent stain. Be sure to simply dab the spill away. Avoid scrubbing since this will work the spot deeper into your carpet and could also cause it to spread.

Vacuum Regularly

Most of the items listed in this article have been preventative measures. Another one to note is vacuuming. Be sure to have vacuuming as a part of your weekly schedule. Many recommend for you to aim to vacuum twice a week. If you hardly have time to vacuum, consider investing in a robotic vacuum that can do this kind of maintenance for you.

Hire a Professional

Lastly, you may want to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. These professionals have the tools and knowledge needed to give your carpet a thorough and deep cleaning.

We hope these tips will help you in your battle against dirty carpets. Sometimes, though, the damage has already been done, and you cannot repair a spot or completely remove a stain or burn. If you find this is the case for you, call us at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair today! We expertly remove the piece of carpet that is beyond repair and seamlessly replace it with a donor piece. Do not hesitate to request a free quote!

By NipTuck Carpet Repair 9-19-2019