Winter Carpet Care Tips

Winter Carpet Care Tips

Utah is home to our Nip Tuck Carpet Repair business. All too well, if you live in our service region, you know that snowfall is a regular occurrence throughout the frigid Winter months. Maintaining clean carpets during a snowstorm or after an ice storm may be difficult for several reasons. Here are a few things you can do this winter to keep your carpets from being dirty and ruined by the snow and mud.

Maintain Clear Pathways

Prevention will be the key to maintaining clean carpets throughout the colder months. Maintaining a clean sidewalk that leads to your house is one strategy to reduce the amount of snow and debris dragged inside. Remove new snow with a shovel, sweep the path clean with a push broom, and have rock salt handy to prevent slips and falls.

Spread Some doormats

In addition to doors, doormats may also serve as a protective barrier. Put a mat in front of your home's entryway and inside the door. Make it a routine for each house member to trample the snow and mud off their shoes twice: once as they enter the house and once when they leave.

Similarly, keep your pet dog out of the house when it's raining or snowing to prevent mud and snow from tracking in. Having a dry cloth at the door when it rains, or snows is a good idea. In this method, you may clean their paws completely before letting them back into the home.

Establish a "No Shoes Inside" policy

Not wearing shoes inside the home is a huge help in maintaining clean carpets. Install a shoe rack to prevent the dreaded accumulation of shoes by the door. Buy everyone in the family a new pair of shoes they can use only in the home if they have a habit of leaving them outside.

Even if your carpets show signs of wear after the winter season, professionally cleaning them should restore them to their previous state. However, we can assist you if stubborn stains refuse to go, even after expert cleaning. We may easily repair difficult stains on the carpet.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 1-10-2023