How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Carpet

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Carpet

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have a cat that continually chooses your carpet to claw at. You may even wonder if you have offended your cat somehow. The truth is, however, that just because a cat scratches your carpet, does not mean that they are acting out against you. So, what can you do about it? NipTuck Carpet Repair in Salt Lake has a few solutions for you.

To start, we need to know why cats scratch. They do this because it is essential to their overall health and grooming. For one, cats sink their claws into things like furniture and carpet because it stretches and exercises their muscles. Another reason is because it helps them shed older layers of their claws. Plus, it gets their scent on the area they are scratching. Which cats crave because they are territorial animals.

Now, in order to encourage your feline friend to discontinue this unwanted behavior, you have to give them something else to focus their attention on. Cat behavioral experts state that when giving your cat a “no”, it is important to give them an immediate “yes”. You can do this by providing your cat with proper scratching posts. If they begin to scratch at your carpet, direct their attention immediately to the appropriate scratching post.

It is also important to have enough scratching posts. No doubt you enjoy variety in your life, and it is no different for your cat. Aim to have different types and sizes of posts. Carpet, sisal, corrugated cardboard, along with tall, flat and sloped posts. Make these posts way more exciting than your carpet ever will be.

If your cat still returns to their old carpet scratching spot, spray the area with a feline repellant. You can also spray their scratching posts with catnip in order to attract them to those instead. Always try to reinforce good behavior. If you see your cats scratching the correct post, it does not hurt to give them a treat. This way, they will associate that action with good things.

Finally, you can reduce the damage done by your cat’s scratching by trimming their claws regularly. If all else fails, there are plastic nail caps you can have placed on your cat’s claws as well. Most large pet supply stores and veterinarians offer to install them for a small fee. And always remember that declawing your cat is actually a form of mutilation. They do not only remove the claw but also the first knuckle. This leaves your cat feeling vulnerable and afraid and will certainly lead to more behavioral problems than just scratching on carpet.

If your cat has done quite a bit of damage to your carpet before you were able to fix the problem, call NipTuck Carpet Repair today! We can take a small remnant piece of carpet and patch just the one damaged area. Not only will it look seamless, but it will cost you a small fraction of the cost of a full replacement. We look forward to hearing from you!

By Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair Utah 1-2-2020