How to Pick Carpet

How to Pick Carpet

We all love carpet in our homes. However, there comes a time where you may decide that it is time to upgrade. Or you may be trying to decide that what kind of carpet to put in your new home. Whatever the reason may be, there are some helpful tips and facts to pick out the right carpet for you and your family. Some important factors to consider such as stain resistance, under padding, and quality of carpet.

Stain Resistant

Picking the right carpet can be very tricky but it can be done. One of the many important factors to consider is how stain resistant it is. Many have families with young ones or little furry creatures running around the house. This can raise the risk of stains on your carpet. Whether it be a little one spilling juice or your pup leaving tracks around the home from being outside. What makes carpet stain resistant tough? There are stain resistant treatments that are applied to many carpets but these can prove to be effective only for a short time after buying your carpet. However, there is a new type of fiber called SmartStrand. This type of fiber has a very low absorption rate meaning that many spills can be easily wiped up.

Under Padding

You may think that you already know about under padding however, you might be underestimating its value. Carpet is as only good as it’s under padding. Meaning you could get great carpet but cheap under padding and the result of which over the course of time will cause your carpet to look worn out faster. Under padding helps absorb the shock of our feet. This helps to make carpet last longer. There are houses that you walk into that you see the carpet start to dip into the floor quite a bit. This is due to a poor quality under padding. The moral of the story is that your carpet will only look as great as your under padding. So even if you get a lower quality carpet and better quality under padding your carpet is going to look better than the person who buys the better quality carpet but a lower quality under padding.

Quality of Carpet

Determining the quality of carpet can be hard when they look the same and feel the same. The most important thing to look at is how they perform. An easy way to tell how they perform if you’re looking at what seems to be two of the exact same carpet materials is to look at the length of the warranty. You can tell a lot by the warranty. A company that makes quality carpet is going to be willing to stand by its product and ensure that it will hold to the standard that they have made it to. If you’re looking at what seems to be the two of the same exact carpets, then a good deciding factor on the better one is the length of the warranty.

Carpet has a lot of variables. Picking the right one that will suit your family can be hard because the purchase that you’re making will be in your house for the next 20 or so years. However, because this can be so expensive it's best to just repair the carpet you have. This is a fraction of the cost and doing so can make your carpet like new again. Even those stains that you have had for years and won’t come out. Nip Tuck Carpet Repair is able to fix balding spots, burns, stains, wrinkles and much more! We give free home estimates. Call us today!

By Nip Tuck 10-11-2017