The Benefits of Carpet Tile

The Benefits of Carpet Tile

Flooring material is an important choice in any project. Why are carpet tiles a popular material? They have many benefits. Let’s consider a few.

Minimizes Waste

Fitting carpet to a room, especially a room that is uniquely shaped, can create a large amount of scrap carpet. But with carpet tiles, waste is reduced. By creating fewer carpet scraps, you are saving money and contributing to a more sustainable system.

Easy Install

Carpet tiles are much simpler to install than floor-to-floor carpet. Rather than having to lift and place a gigantic roll of heavy carpet, carpet tiles are moved and placed in smaller pieces. This can save your walls from the potential damage of wrangling a large unruly roll of carpet.

Underlays are unnecessary because carpet tiles are produced with a prepared back that is ready to be installed directly onto the subfloor. This saves not only time and labor but also the budget.

Rolled carpet must adjust to the environment it will be laid in, but this is not always necessary when it comes to carpet tiles, yet again saving time.
And if absolutely necessary, though not advised, carpet tiles can even be installed while furniture is still in the room.

Simple to Maintain

No matter how we try, carpet will be damaged over time. With carpet tiles, you can easily replace a tile or two. Since the tiles are small you can easily store them for future replacements. Since carpet tiles are easy to lift after installation, they are a popular choice for areas with under-floor cabling.

Style Options

The design options of carpet tiles have increased immensely in the past years. We are no longer constricted to a limited color palette or minimal quality. There are a vast number of colors, patterns, and even shapes available. With carpet tiles, you can find colors and create patterns that convey your individual style. It is even possible to have carpets created with your own custom design. And you have the ability to place different colors to create a trail or delineate between various zones within a space.

Noise and Comfort

Carpet tiles are found to absorb even more noise than many wall-to-wall carpets. This can be perfect for large rooms that see a lot of visitors. Some of the most popular carpet tile backing options are open-cell cushion backing, closed-cell cushion backing, and hardback backing. While still not as plush, carpet tile quality has increased so as to rival traditional carpet options.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 5-12-2021