Does Carpet Padding Really Matter

Does Carpet Padding Really Matter

Proper carpet padding is more important than you may realize. It is also something that should be taken into consideration when installing new carpeting in your home.

Carpeting is expensive. Many homeowners purchase carpeting with the intention and hope that it will last several years. Many of their decisions regarding purchasing carpeting and padding are made assuming a long usable life. For example, installing padding between the top of the floor and the bottom of the carpet is one way to lengthen the carpet’s life. Professionally installed, padding adds value and useful life to the carpet while adding a level of comfort to your carpeted living areas.

First, carpet padding provides a thermal break and insulation for the area in which it is installed. This helps keep the entire carpeted area warmer throughout cold winter months by providing extra insulation value. This extra insulation helps keep the cold edge off the room’s temperature and contributes to overall comfort.

Next, many homeowners may not realize this, but the proper padding helps a vacuum cleaner work more efficiently and clean the carpet better. Running a vacuum cleaner over a carpet lifts the carpeting away from the pad just slightly so that the vacuum can pick up more dust and dirt during the process.

Padding also lengthens the life of carpeting. Carpeting can be expensive. Professionally installed carpet padding can help lengthen the useful life of the carpeting, protecting your investment and reducing the cost per year.

Many of today’s carpets feature a protective film barrier or backing on the underside of the carpet itself. This protective film serves to protect the carpet pad. If a liquid is spilled onto the carpet, it is this backing that keeps the liquid from seeping into the padding.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of carpet padding is the feel and support it gives a carpet. This means a luxurious and softer feel as your feet sink into the rug.

The specialists at Niptuck Carpet Repair can answer any questions you may have regarding maintaining your carpet’s look and feel. Specializing in stretching and patching carpets, they can help you help maintain your carpets.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 8-31-2020