Cats and Carpet

Cats and Carpet

Many people have pets that they love and adore. Some people are dog lovers and others adore their cats. Each poses a challenge in keeping your home clean. Dogs rip up things and can leave wonderful messes that we all hate to clean up. On the other hand, cats don’t chew up much but they can get into a bad habit of peeing on your carpet. When this starts to happen, what are you able to do to stop this from happening?

Reasons & Remedies

There are several reasons why your cat might be peeing on your carpet. Three of the most common reasons why they might be doing this is because of either a medical reason, behavioral reasons, or because of their litter box. The first one you want to check out is if it is because of a medical reason. If this is the case you know your cat still loves you. The possible medical conditions that could cause your cat to pee on your carpet would be a bladder stone or blockage, urinary tract infection, or feline interstitial cystitis. If you suspect that it might be from a medical condition consult your vet and bring your beloved cat in for a checkup.

Behavior reasons can sometimes be the reason and if that is the case then you’ll need to narrow down why they are having this behavioral outburst. Is your cat peeing or spraying? Cats can tend to mark their territory when they feel threatened. Many cats can feel threatened when you move to a new house or have different people over. Changing their schedule or environment can also have this effect on cats. What can often come after peeing in a spot once is a continuation of it. Cats can smell where they have gone pee and if that spot has any remnants of it then they are likely to pee there again. It’s important that you clean the spot up thoroughly and get rid of any smells. Many pet supply stores carry cleaners that will remove urine odors and deter the cat from peeing in the same spot twice.

The third reason that your cat might be peeing on your carpet is because they are unhappy with their litter box. Think in terms of how you like your toilet. Do you like it clean? Conveniently placed on every floor of your home? And what about your toilet paper? Most people like soft toilet paper that is more than 2 ply. If you have a preference for your throne you can see why cats have a preference for theirs as well. Make sure the cat box is easily accessible on every level of your home and clean it regularly. Some cats are particular about the type of litter they like so if you’ve recently changed the type you use this could be the reason they have started peeing elsewhere.

We're Here for You

Cats can sometimes pose challenges but we all love our creatures. So next time this happens, try and figure out the reason why and try to stop it as soon as possible. If you can't get them to stop peeing in the same spot then a pad replacement for that spot might be in order. Call the professionalsat Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair today!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 4-8-2021