How to Repair a Carpet Burn

When you see a burn mark on your carpet, you may become understandably upset. The best way to repair a carpet burn in Utah is to call Nip Tuck Carpet Repair. When you have your carpet burn repair fixed by Nip Tuck you get a warranty for several years on the workmanship. If you decide you want to try to repair your own carpet burn, then it's important to realize that repairing a burn mark is not as difficult as you may believe. It will only require some household items and focusing on details to successfully hide an ugly burn mark.

Assemble Tools
It won't matter if a burn mark is the result of an electrical short circuit, hot iron or even a cigarette, the methods you are going to use don't change. You must have all your tools ready before you start. This will require some fine sandpaper, razor knife, piece of paper, pencil, scissors with pointed ends, a small piece of matching carpet remnant, latex adhesive or double-sticky carpet tape. These items can be easily found in many hardware stores in Salt Lake.

Less Noticeable
Should the burn have only impacted the top area of a carpet's fibers, it may be possible to take away only the section of fibers that are singed. It's important to realize no carpet repair will be completely invisible. Should you be able to sand away any melted fiber tips, the burn mark could be unnoticeable.

Repair Process
You need to start by taking your razor knife or scissors and remove any of the carpet's fibers that are scorched. These are fibers that haven't responded to using sandpaper. When this is complete, take the hose attachment from a vacuum to remove debris from the area. You may need to use a store-bought carpet cleaning product to do some spot cleaning. Soap and water can be used if there is soot or other dirt covering the area around the burn. In areas of the carpet with significant damage, you will need to replace the entire section of the carpet.

Patch Of Carpet
You should then obtain a scrap patch of carpet before you begin making repairs. It should be the same size as the piece of carpet that needs to be replaced. Should there not be a remnant of the carpet available, you may want to consider taking a carpet patch from the carpeted area of a closet. It's common in Salt Lake, Utah for carpet to be placed in a room and closet. Should this repair involve a carpet with a pattern, it is important you cut a carpet patch to match the pattern as closely as you can. Should the burned area have no pattern, you must make certain the carpet's pile is going the same direction.

Cutting Carpet Patch
You must place a piece of paper over the burn area to cut the carpet patch. It is important to draw a rectangle or square just big enough for the burn spot to be covered. Carefully cut the pattern and place it on top of the carpet remnant. Your razor knife can be used to cut the section of the carpet.

Replacing Burned Area
You should then put the carpet patch over the burned area. Using your razor knife, you can cut through the burned area of the carpet and remove it. Be careful to not cut through the carpet padding underneath.

The last step involves you taking your carpet patch, placing latex adhesive or double-stick tape on the back of it. Put the patch where the burned area of carpet was removed. Press the patch firmly into place. You should pay close attention to the edges. The new patch will need to dry for a few hours if you used an adhesive. You will then walk on a carpet that no longer has a burn mark. You've successfully performed a carpet repair.

If all of this seems too daunting for you, then give Nip and Tuck Utah a call! We specialize in all carpet repairs and can help you with any problem you may have.

By Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair Utah 10-21-2019