Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching

Stains and spills happen because we can all be clumsy sometimes. However, there are some accidents that can become permanent on your carpet if you’re not careful. One of the most permanent stains that can happen is burns because there is no way to remove them from your carpet. There are other stains from spills that are also hard to remove from your carpet no matter how hard you try and how many different methods you try. When you’ve done everything, you can, and you still have not been able to get your stains to budge then it’s time to call the professionals. We can remove those stains and make your carpet look like new again here at Nip Tuck Carpet Repair. We use a method called carpet patching. We want to go through the details of all what is involved so that you can be prepared before the project starts.

The first thing that is important to know is how big the patch is. This will give you a good idea of what the cost will be for us to do the work. The first question is whether you can cover the spot with your hand? If it’s bigger than your hand, then you’ll need to see if you’re able to cover it with a dinner plate. Another important factor that we need to find out is if the patch is up against or close to a wall. This changes how the patch repair will be done.

After we have been able to acquire this information we then will come to your home to give you an exact price and perform the work. We are able to do this work by means of extra carpet from the install or by using a carpet from an inconspicuous place such as a closet. We cut the stained piece of carpet and pull it up and then we take the cut piece from the closet or the lefts overs from the original installs and cut the piece exactly to fit the one we took out. Nip Tuck Carpet Repair is so precise in how they cut carpet that you aren’t able to see the seams of where it was cut to where the patch is. It all flows as one.

You might be thinking what you’re supposed to do with that hole in your closet. We recommend that you go out and buy a portion of carpet that is close to the color and pile to your current carpet. Then have it put in the closet to your liking. Whether you re-carpet the whole closet or just want something to be put in the hole. This is entirely up to you. It often depends on how big the piece was that was cut out.

Nip Tuck Carpet Repair cares about the carpet in your home. The carpet in your home is an essential factor to how your home looks and feels. Call us today for a free estimate! We will be happy to help your carpet look as beautiful as it was when it was first installed.

By Nip Tuck 6-13-2018