Carpet Patching Patterned Carpet

Carpet Patching Patterned Carpet

There are many people wanting to put in patterned carpet to keep up with 2020 trends. This kind of carpet when done right can look stunning, adding a lot of personality to your home. Being a repair company, we have seen the pros and cons to having pattern carpet in a home. We want to walk through some potential carpet problems that may happen and how having patterned carpet plays into it.

Rips and Tears

If you have ever had a puppy then you know just how terrorizing they can be when you bring them home. They are a bundle of joy but also a bundle of energy. Energy that they need to get out in one way or another. Usually walks and chew toys will do the trick but sometimes they prefer the carpet. Pups and dogs alike have been known to dig at carpet causing holes and rips in it.


Cats can also pose a slight problem seeing as they don’t like to be locked out of a room you may be in. They will stick their little paws underneath and begin to scratch your carpet. It can happen quickly without you even realizing it, and when you eventually do, it may be too late.

Pee Spots

Whether we like it or not, both cats and dogs can be stinkers and pee on the carpet. Urine when not taken care of right away can get down into the carpet padding and the subfloor. Your animal may be inclined to go in the same place repeatedly.

Unexpected Mishaps

It isn’t just animals that cause your carpet to have rips, tears, and balding. There are other unfortunate events that can cause any one of these carpet mishaps. Things like basements flooding can make it so that you may need to cut a portion of your carpet out and have it replaced.

What does this have to do with buying carpet with patterns though? Well more than likely over the course of time one of these things will happen and you will likely need to have a carpet patch done. Usually we are able to take this carpet out of a closet and put something similar back into the closet. This becomes increasingly difficult when you have patterned carpet. In order for a part of it to be patched, it has to be precise and specific for everything to line up perfectly. Not that it can’t be done but it is definitely more difficult to do repairs on patterned carpet. If you decide to go with patterned carpet, make sure that you buy plenty of extra for any mishaps that might happen.

If you need a patch done on your carpet, then give us a call today. We would be happy to talk to you about the details of your project and give you a free home estimate. We have done repairs on both pattern carpet and solid, so we are equipped to help you with whatever you may need.