Signs That Your Carpet Is Poorly Installed

Signs That Your Carpet Is Poorly Installed

Does your carpet suffer from improper installation? Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair is often called when a homeowner has a carpet in need of repair. We know the signs of a poorly done job and we would like to help you know the signs too.

They Use Incorrect Equipment

Check what kind of equipment your installers are using. A power stretcher is the most effective tool for carpet installation. This tool looks like a large jack. Some installers choose to use knee- kickers instead. These devices look like knee pads and are used like their namesakes. An installer uses his strength to stretch the carpet into place. A power stretcher uses machine strength. Superior installation is achieved using a power stretcher since the machine can pull the carpet as tight as possible and do this more uniformly. Make it a priority to search for a carpet installer who will use the proper equipment.

Poor Padding Installation

Does your carpet have an uneven or bumpy surface? Test if the bumpiness is from your carpet or from your pad by going to the middle of the room. Grasp the carpet and try to lift the pile. The carpet is the culprit if you can lift it higher than an inch. If the carpet does not pull up, then the padding underneath is likely the problem. The carpet cannot lie flat if the padding is unevenly installed. Again, make sure you ask questions and find a skilled carpet installer.

Other Signs of Problems

Look at the area of carpet that meets the walls for frayed edges, ripples, bumps, and misalignment. This part of the carpet should be straight, flat, and undamaged. Unfortunately, not all carpet installers are skilled. When shopping for a new carpet, ask questions. Ask what kind of equipment they use and if they are certified. Go online and read reviews on their company. If it is too late and you already have poorly installed carpet, call us at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair. Don’t pay for a full replacement. We can stretch, patch, and make your carpet look as it should at a fraction of the price.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 3-7-2022